Office Cleaning

Is your office clean and spotless? If you are not sure, let us put your office in a welcoming and relaxing state for your employees and clients.

Our office Cleaning Services are

  • General daily, weekly or fortnightly cleaning
  • Tailored Cleaning to client’s specifications
  • Hovering of carpets
  • Mopping of hard floors
  • Dustbin cleaning
  • After events clean up

Our Quality assurance Procedure for Office Cleaning

  • Comprehensive Cleaning specification is developed for every offices
  • We ensure that our cleaning specialists are familiar with the specifications above
  • We introduce our cleaning staff to the office management  before commencement of operation
  • We put a “communications book” in every offices which cleaners review daily
  • We use experienced trained and qualified cleaners
  • Training of cleaning staff takes place ‘on site’ in real life situations
  • We undertake Regular Quality Audits of our services and feedback given
  • Our company respond to any queries raised by clients within 24 hours

Why we are unique

  • We source and use environmentally friendly cleaning products locally thereby promoting local businesses in Ireland
  • All our staff are Gardai vetted, hard working and have passion for the cleaning services
  • We provide affordable word  class cleaning services with  tailored  pricing structure that suites client’s budget

Our Office Cleaning Service Guarantees:-

  • Competitive Price
  • Qualified, Trained, Hard working & Trustworthy Staff
  • High Quality & Professional Service
  • Excellent Customer Service

You can book Reality Cleaning services by calling Abi
on +353 89 486 4413
through our contact form

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